Saturday, 16 January 2016

At last, a bright cold day.

A walk to the meadow down by the Swere and into the BBOWT reserve nearby.  A more traditional day, with few flowers to be seen - the further from the village the fewer flowering weeds, which we counted at the new year.    Even the hazel catkins were just forming.    Instead clouds of fieldfare, a coal tit, a couple of buzzards.   A small flock of lapwings flew over.

Ask keys
Woolly Thistle

Coal Tit
Traveller's Joy


In the Cutting, again nothing in flower, but a delightful showing of Western Polypody, and several mosses which I have yet to try to identify.   There are 3 Polypody ferns in Britain, which look rather similar and they hybridise, but the hybrids are sterile.   As this had lots of spores it is not a hybrid even though some of the characteristics of the fern were tending towards Common Polypody.


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