Sunday, 13 March 2016

Glyme Valley

The River Glyme rises just east of Chipping Norton, around 5 miles from Hook Norton, finding its way through Wootton and Woodstock, before joining the Evenlode.   Near the headwaters is a SSSI and a local wildlife trust, BBOWT, reserve known as Glyme Valley on a limestone slope above the river. I walked along the river to the reserve from Old Chalford Farm.  The river meanders gently along, fed by a few springs running off the surrounding limestone.    I found several otter spraints, though none fresh, containing fragments of crayfish.    I also saw a green woodpecker.

River Glyme
River Glyme
Too early for flowers in the reserve, I did find the leaves of what I think is a bee orchid, and I will go back in 6 weeks or so  to check my determination.

BBOWT Glyme Valley Reserve
Probabably a Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera)
On the way back I went along a green lane, finding two badger settts (making five for the day - they really are common-place) and this rather neat fungus which is probably Yellow Brain Fungus (Tremella mesenterica).

Finally my path took me past the remains of a medieval village at Nether Chalford.   This is about as much as could be seen above ground, on the south side of the river.   There is another part on the north side.

Nether Chalford

A pleasant ramble in the sunshine, and mercifully no dog walkers, shouting hoarsely as their charges race around uncontrollably - a bane of the countryside.


  1. Looks a good spot. Funnily enough I found Yellow Brain fungus here on Raasay yesterday for the first time. Best, Stephen

    1. Sadly, unspoilt corners like this are rather few and far between. Agriculture down here is industrial.