Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Moths and Badgers: Close to Home

In the trap on Monday morning were 17 moths, 10 species.   The most spectacular, and new to me, was a Scorched Wing, whose appearance is unmistakeable.

That evening we went badger watching,   When we first moved to Hooky there were two setts within about 2 km of our house, one of which was long established with at least 13 entrances.   The badger population has invreased significantly and now there are at least 4 setts near the original, some of which are now quite large.   We went to one observing from the top of an embankment above the sett.

In the past I have use an infra red lamp with night vision scopes, but it is fiddly, so this time I tested out the simpler approach of using a red lamp.   They did not seem bothered by it, and we watched a family for around 30 minutes.  The camera shutter, even on it's quietest setting caused the most alarm.

An adult emerged at 21.43 and snuffled around in the undergrowth, then nearly 10 minutes later 3 cubs and another adult appeared.  The cubs stayed close to the sett entrance.

In and around the bird feeders we have had a couple of Wood Mice and a Greater Spotted Woodpecker.

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