Thursday, 6 April 2017

Orchid Twitching on the Dorset Coast

Slowly, very slowly, I have been digitising slides taken pre 2004 when I turned over to digital photos.   In the process I came across photos of the early spider orchid on the Dorset coast, and concluded that the coast walk and the orchids there were well worth a return.   We went Orchid Twitching  there yesterday on a warm sunny day, as is always the case in Dorset.

Starting at Winspit near Worth Matravers we walked round to Seacombe.  My wife was adept at finding the early spiders (a count of over 30 to my 3), but she stopped pointing them out after a while fearing that I would photograph each and every one.   Needless to say we never made Dancer's Ledge.  

The plants were only just coming into flower; on one only two flowers were open , yet the pollinia had already been removed from the lowest of them.

A wonderful day - one of the best orchids!

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