Thursday, 20 July 2017

July Moths, Relief from Helleborine-spotting

I think I am correct in saying that there are no records of helleborines near Hook Norton and therefore we have been travelling far and wide for much of July tracking down these orchids wherever they might be to get good digital images and a leaf slivver, where allowed, from each species to look at the characteristics microscopically. Lytham in Lancashire and Ainsdale in Merseyside for Dune, Green-flowered, and Marsh Helleborines, Gait Barrows in Cumbria for Dark-red Helleborine (gone over), Chilterns (Homefield Wood and Warburg) for Broad-leaved Helleborine.  Staying in the Chilterns, Narrow-lipped Helleborine has proved elusive, and a plant in bud 10 days previously had already gone over when I visited last Monday, whilst some Violet Helleborine plants have remained stubbornly in bud.
Dune Helleborine (E. dunensis)
Green-flowered Helleborine (E. phyllanthes)

Broad-leaved Helleborine (E. helleborine)

Marsh Helleborine (E. palustris)

Back at home we are really pleased with the garden pond we created just last September.  Stocked with a few native plants, and populated with a few dippings from a pond in a nearby field  we have had three frogs together, and there are growing tadpoles, but  favourite  are the Smooth Newts which have taken up residence.  Now we also have a few young newts - 'newtlets' if  that is the correct word.  A minor disappointment is that we have not had any damselflies or dragonflies yet however.

Almost as a distraction I have run the moth trap overnight, twice in the month, both nights being warm and still.  The counts were large, 151 moths of 50 species at the beginning of the month, and this week even more, 248 moths of 61 species.  Even then there were quite a few escapees when I came to inspect, especially Yellow Underwings.  The total species count for the year to date is now 119, including the more challenging micromoth category.  A few chosen almost at random.

Burnished Brass

Brown-line Bright-eye

Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet

Ruby Tiger

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